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Neat Bird is a professional organising company that combines a systematic and ordered approach with a stylish bespoke service. We will transform untidy and cluttered areas of your home into a streamlined, efficient, and aesthetically pleasing space.
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Hi, Im Deryn, Professional Organiser and the owner of Neat Bird.

After many years of rushing through life as a busy working Mum, I decided to make a change, and channel my passion for order and neatness into a career that would help other people, but also make me happy. My company Neat Bird was born, and my passion for decluttering, tidying and systems is stronger than ever! I really enjoy meeting new clients and researching and implementing bespoke organisational solutions to help them fall in love with their homes again. I firmly believe that creating order in your personal space, helps create order in your mind, and I really enjoy being able to help with that. Ive worked long hours, travelled a lot, and I’ve got two young boys; so I know a bit about being time poor and clutter rich!! I can work non-judgementally with you to clear unnecessary items, create practical systems, and love your home space again! Get in touch.

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Mary G
Home Owner
Neat Bird was recommended to me by a friend and I am so glad I made the contact. Neat Bird completely transformed the storage of clothing in my bedroom, sorted out my mess and I now know where everything is and can put together outfits with ease. Cheerful and efficient. Highly recommended.
Kiera D
Home Owner
Moving into a house that had a separate pantry in the kitchen was a dream but also a dauting task. Neat Bird took on the role of planning and organizing the whole space. Deryn was professional, creative and really accommodated all my needs – no matter how quirky and questionable they were! She proposed some great ideas and I pretty much went along with everything she had in mind. She had no problem in allowing me to collaborate, but at the same time she took all the stress out of the job and just got on with it. Really grateful for her space saving skills and beautiful presentation. In fact, I am looking forward to having her back soon to help me organize my newly renovated house!
Home Owner
I’d been putting off the huge task of sorting through all my clothes, shoes and various accessories as I found the sheer volume I had to go through very daunting…….So I called upon the services of Neat Bird and it was literally the best decision I ever made! spent a full day with me, firstly we piled all my clothes on to the bed, a mound witch resembled Everest, and then we went through each item to determine if it was loved or loathed, still fitted or it was time to say goodbye. It was very cathartic. Deryn then sorted the items for keeping into manageable sections back in the wardrobe. And also showed me how to fold everything that goes in the drawers so each item of clothing can be seen rather than one giant pile on top of each other. Deryn was extremely helpful, knowledgable and came up with suggestions I hadn’t even thought of. Neat Bird comes highly recommended.
Sophie M
Home Owner
I moved into a new house and found myself struggling for time and inspiration on how to organize some of my cupboards and spaces. Neat bird was fantastic, Deryn was calm, organized, helpful and had some great ideas for the space that I hadn’t thought of. I would highly recommend the company. I feel a weight has been lifted and who knew that opening a cupboard could make you so happy

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